Lipotransfer Thessaloniki Lipotransfer Thessaloniki
Time1 hour
Duration of resultPermanent
TechniqueFat transfer
AnesthesiaTopical / Intoxication

Lipotransfer is an operation where fat is transplanted from one or more parts of the body to one or more parts of the same body subject wishes to correct. The first part of the procedure is actually a liposuction surgery to make excess fat reintroduced into the body.

From what body areas can fat be taken?

The areas from which fat can be taken are the body parts of traditional fat accumulation:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Breast, following a reduction or gynecomastia surgery
  • Any other part of the body suitable for liposuction

To what body areas can fat be transplanted?

Fat transplantation can be performed for aesthetic purposes in almost every part of the body. The most common parts where lipotransfer functions are the following:

  • Face. Lipotransfer can significantly improve the appearance of nasopharyngeal wrinkles, fill the cheekbones and cheeks and give a uniform face contour.
  • Lips. Lip lipotransfer is a very effective and natural lip augmentation method.
  • Breast. Lipotransfer is one of the methods applied in breast augmentation surgery. It can be performed individually or in combination with implants.
  • Scars with a malformation. Fat transplantation helps restore scars disrupting the homogeneity and continuity of epidermis.
  • Buttocks. Lipotransfer is one of the methods applied in butt growth surgery.

Advantages of lipotransfer

Lipetransfer, regardless where applied, has many advantages as an aesthetic surgery:

  • It is impossible to have an allergic reaction, as it is applied by the subject’s own body.
  • It has a natural result.
  • It can be applied in almost every part of face and body and can complement many aesthetic operations.
  • It is a minimally invasive technique.


Lipotransfer surgery consists of two parts: first, fat removal from the selected parts and second, fat injection into the parts the subject wants to correct after being applicably treated.

The first part, liposuction, is performed through one or more 2-4 mm incisions. When the required amount of fat is collected, it is centrifuged, filtered and cleaned to produce pure tissue for re-introduction into the body.

The second part, fat transplantation, is performed through injections distributing fat at the selected body part. Liposuction usually takes 1 hour.

It is common practice for the physician to inject more fat than the desired, as the body normally absorbs 20-30% of it.


Fat transplantation usually combines local with general anesthesia.

Results and Recovery

At the end of the procedure and by the third day, there is significant swelling and bruising, at the points of both liposuction and lipotransfer. To relieve swelling, ice can be placed in small intervals during the day.

Edema shall recede within 2 weeks. In 7-10 days, subjects can return to their daily activities.

Fat transplantation result lasts 5-10 years. However, it may be affected by weight fluctuations as the transplanted adipocytes shall continue their normal function.


Lipotransfer cost depends on the points intervened and their extent, as well as its combination with other operations.

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