Plastikos xeirourgos thessaloniki Anastasios Strevinas

Dr. Anastasios Strevinas

Dr Anastasios Strevinas graduated from medical University in 2002. He specialized in Plastic Surgery in some of the biggest centers of Plastic Surgery in UK such as Wythenshawe University Hospital of South Manchester, Queen’s Elizabeth II Hospital in Birmingham and Royal London Hospital. He is trained in reconstructive as well as in aesthetic plastic surgery. In 2015 he returned in Greece and from that time he is working as a private plastic surgeon in city center of Thessaloniki. He is married and has two children.

His aim is always natural looking outcomes based on realistic expectations. Patient’s safety during surgical and non-surgical procedures is always his priority.

  • University of Medicine GT Popa Iasi Romania, 1995 – 2002
    Medical Degree
  • Plastic Surgery Diploma
  • MSc: International Business Management (Vilnius Gediminas University)
  • Microsurgery course of nerves and vessels Pius Brunzeu Microsurgery Centre Timisoara 2013
  • St Thomas Cadaveric hand Trauma Course London September 2012
  • EMSB ( Emergency management of severe burns) Manchester October 2011
  • Burns injury, Assessment and Management workshop Manchester 2011
  • Paediatric Life Support Manchester August 2011
  • Training in the Principles of infection prevention and control including aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT) Manchester 2011
  • Suturing workshop. Wakefield July 2011
  • Training in minimal access surgery –February 2nd-6th 2009 IRCAD EITS , Strasburg France
  • Diploma in laparoscopic Surgery of Luis Pasteur University 6th February 2009 Strasburg France
  • Major Incidents Pre-hospital Management Crete, Greece in accordance with the British Association of Emergency Medicine April 2009
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) Heraclion Crete, Greece June 2009
  • Training in Osteosynthesis and Prothesis of the Hand and Wrist. Hellenic Society of Surgery of Hand & Hellenic Societ of Reconstuctive Microsurgery. Patra , Greece September 2008.
  • A.T.L.S – September 2006 Patra, Greece
April 2015 – December 2016 Plastic Surgery Papageorgiou General hospital
Thessaloniki Greece
October 2014 – January 2015 Specialty Registrar Plastic Surgery Royal London Hospital Barts Health NHS Trust
July 2014 – September 2014 Specialty Registrar Paediatric Plastic Surgery Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
 June 2013 –  June 2014 Specialty Registrar Plastic Surgery Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester UHSM Trust
 April 2013 – June 2013 Specialty Registrar Plastic Surgery Queen’s Elizabeth Hospital Birmingh
August 2011 – April 2013 SHO Plastic Surgery in Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester UHSM Trust
 February 2011 – August Sho in Wakefield General Hospital in Plastic surgery department
 November – February 2011 SHO Plastic Surgery Frenchay Hospital Bristol
September – November 2010 RMO in Priory Hospital of Chelmsford
 September –  September 2010 SHO in Orthopaedics Medway Maritime Hospital Kent
January 2010 –  July 2010 SHO in Orthopaedic Department St Mary’s Hospital Newport Isle of Wight
September 2009- December 2009 RMO in Chelmsford PrioryHospital and in Horton NHS treatment center Banbury Oxford.
 May 2009-1September 2009 Clinical Fellow in synergy plastic surgery team. Bioclinic Hospital Thessaloniki.
October 2007- April 2009 General Surgery training post in , Sitia General Hospital, Crete. Special interest in Laparoendoscopic Procedures (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) and Orthopaedics
April 2007 – October 2007 SHO in Private Health Centre “Cretan Medic Care” Accident and emergency
October 2006 – March 2007 Clinical attachment in Plastic Surgery.Papanikolaou General Hospital Thessaloniki Gr
May 2005- July 2006 Training rotation in accident and emergency.Health Centre of Aridaia, Greece.
February 2005-May 2005 Training rotation in surgery ,cardiology and medicine , Edessa General Hospital Greece.
November 2003-November 2004 Military Doctor in the 3rd Military Corp of Greek army.


March 2014Advanced Educational Courses-Cleft and Paediatric Plastic BAPRAS. Manchester
October 2013Advanced Educational Courses in Plastic Surgery- Skin Cancer. BAPRAS Manchester
November 200911th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Management Of Health Services , Chania , Crete
May 2009Manangment of Trauma patients from the place of the accident to the final outgrowth. Crete, Greece Hellenic Trauma Society.
May 20099th Pan-hellenic congress of Laparoendoscopic Surgery and International Symposium, Athens
February 20095th Congress of the Hellenic Trauma society and Emergency surgery, Athens
December 200814th Pancretan Medicine Symposium with International Forum. Crete, Greece.
November 20082nd International Symmetria Meeting. Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Anti-aging Old Techniques. Defining new strategies, ATHENS.
November 200826th Panhellenic Surgery Congress / International Surgery Forum, ATHENS.
October 200814th Pancretan Medical Congress, Crete.
September 2008Hellenic Society of Surgery of Hand & Hellenic Society of Reconstuctive Microsurgery, Patra Greece
June 20082nd International experts meeting in Laparoscopic Surgery
May 200834th annual Panhellenic Medical Congress Athens
March 2008Shientific meeting 20+1 years in Laparoscopic Surgery in Greece. Aleksandroypoli, Greece.
March 20081st Scientific Meeting of Endoscopic Surgery through natural foramen, Athens.
January 200811th Panhellenic Congress of Vascular Surgery and Angiology, Athens.
December 20071st Panhellenic Congress of Emergency Medicine,Athens.
March 2007Scientific meeting for Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Medical care, Thessaloniki, Greece.
February 2007Medical Congress for Primary Medical Care Athens
November 200618th Panhellenic Congress for HIV. Athens.
J Hand Surg Am. 2015 Jan;40(1):191-2Letter regarding “Oblique triangular neurovascular osteocutaneous flap for hook nail deformity correction”. Sadri A, Strevinas A, McArthur P
JPlast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2013 Oct;66(10):e297Title: Sinus tract identification by Methylene Blue gel
Authors – A Strevinas, A J Reid, Prof D A McGrouther
JBUON2013AprJun;18(2):516-26Disclosure of cancer diagnosis: the Greek experience. S Tsoussis, M Papadogiorgaki, Markodimitraki, G Delimpaltadakis, A Strevinas, M Psyllakis, K Tabakaki, I Drossitis, A Kabourakis, E Papadimitraki, S Krypotos, K Daskalakis, G Fragkiadaki, E Zoumbadaki, S Apostolakis

Keystone flap reconstruction following wide Melanoma excision to trunk and torso

Panhellenic Plastic surgery congress Thessaloniki 2016

Cost effectiveness of hospitals expenses

11th Panhellenic Congress of Managment Of Health Services , Chania , Crete November 2009.

Results of ORIF In fractures of the neck of the 5th metacarpal with

low profile plates.

Hellenic Society of Surgery of Hand & Hellenic Society of Reconstuctive Microsurgery. Patra Greece February 2009.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in male patients.

9th Panhellenic Congress of Laparoendoscopic Surgery and International Symposium, Athens May 2009.

Difficulties in airway

5TH Congress of the Hellenic Trauma Society and Emergency Surgery Athens. February 2009

Retention of ovarian tissue in Laparoscopic dissection of ovarian cysts.

5TH Congress of the Hellenic Trauma Society and Emergency Surgery, Athens. February 2009.

Ligation free total thyroidectomy.

14th Pancretan Medical Congress, Crete, November 2008.

Complications in laparoscopic bile duct surgery. 13 years of experience.

14th Pancretan Medical Congress, Crete, November 2008.

Life quality in patients after surgery for restoration of inguinal hernias.

14th Pancretan Medical Congress, Crete, November 2008.

2000 Gastroscopies- Retrospective outcomes .

14th Pancretan Medical Congress, Crete, November 2008.

Chronic pain after inguinal hernia surgery.

26th Panhellenic Surgical Congress/International Surgery Forum 2008,Athens,

November 2008

Total thyroidectomy in benign thyroid disorders.

26th Panhellenic Surgical Congress/International Surgery Forum 2008,Athens, November 2008.

Perseverance of ovarian tissue in laparoscopic removal of cysts in ovaries.

26th Panhellenic Surgical Congress/International Surgery Forum 2008, Athens, November 2008.

Treatment of deep vein thrombosis in a General surgery department.

11th Panhellenic Congress of Vascular Surgery and Angiology, Athens, January 2008.

Treatment of non-healing venous ulcers with compression.

11th Panhellenic Congress of Vascular Surgery and Angiology. Athens, January 2008.

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