Dermapen Microneedling Thessaloniki Dermapen Microneedling Thessaloniki
TimeLess than 30 minutes
Pain LevelLow
AnesthesiaTopical anesthesia

Microneedling or “Microneedle mesotherapy collagenesis” uses special microneedles for the infusion of both natural collagen and the applicable active substances into the skin.
Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles as well as damaged, freckled and dehydrated skin all have a common denominator: reduced collagen concentration. If our skin could produce more collagen on its own, there would be no need for such treatment. Microneedling “forces” the body to produce increased amounts of collagen in the areas applied through the micro-induced stinging of the affected areas.

Treatment with the use of the specific head forms multiple small channels in the skin (invisible to the naked eye), each with a triple effect:

  • Formation of new tissue by triggering the body healing mechanism (haemostasis- inflammation – proliferation- remodelling- phase).
  • Release of growth factors that promote healing by depositing healthy collagen
  • Permanent results – what is most important.


Especially Microneedling Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is ideal for great results. The “microtrauma” caused by Microneedling is the best way to activate growth factors with even more dramatic results. The whole process is rather simple and painless.
A special anesthetic cream is applied 40-50 minutes in advance.
The duration of each session depends on the area to be treated
A facial/ neck treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes
After treatment there is intense redness/ hyperemia in the application area which may last from 1 to 48 hours, depending on the intensity and depth of application.

When will I see the results?

Each Microneedling session causes skin remodeling within 3-5 months. However, the first results are evident within a few weeks after the 1st session

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