Butt lift Thessaloniki Butt lift Thessaloniki
Time2-3 hours
Pain LevelModerate
Duration of resultLong-term result
TechniqueLiposuction / use of implants or both
AnesthesiaConscious anesthesia / General Anesthesia
Price€ € €
Duration of recovery2-3 weeks

Butt lift (gluteoplasty) surgery lifts and tightens butt skin offering well formed buttocks.

This is achieved through liposuction and existing undesirable fat transfer in other areas, implant application or both.

If you want sexy curves with big hips and thighs, improved shape or just a more balanced and beautiful look, the physician shall help choose the right treatment for you.

Ideal butt lift candidates are subjects who wish to:

  • Remove excess skin from upper inside thigh.
  • Increase the volume, curves and visibility of their buttocks.
  • Lift their buttocks falling due to extreme weight loss or over time.


Surgery is performed in a fully equipped private clinic. The whole procedure may take 1-3 hours depending on the method applied.


Surgery is performed under the required anesthesia on consultation between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, aiming at subject comfort and safety during the operation.


The location of incisions depends on the technique applied as well as the butt size and shape.

In Brazilian butt lift, small incisions in areas such as the abdomen, ribs, thighs and hands permit liposuction and removal of unwanted fat.

This fat shall then be injected through some small incisions to the buttocks to increase projection and create a lifting effect.

In case of buttock implants, incisions can be made either at the upper or lower buttocks and shall be hidden on a natural skin fold. Through such incisions a soft silicone implant is placed.

Recovery and results

Recovery period varies from subject to subject. It is normal to expect some post-operative bruising and swelling. While results are immediately visible, it shall take a few weeks to some months to see the end result.

Subjects can return to their daily activities 10-14 days later and to work 2-3 weeks later.

Your physician shall advise you to stay away from any intense activity for several weeks after surgery and shall also guide you on the type of compression clothing you should wear.

Results shall be long lasting and shall give you the more youthful and well-formed look you want.

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