Infini By Lutronic

Treatment helps to:

  • Eliminate face, eye and neck wrinkles
  • Restore the face, eyes and neck contouring
  • Control face skin photoaging
  • Improve acne scarring and postoperative scars
  • Control active inflammatory acne by reducing redness
  • Tighten skin in difficult areas such as arms, abdomen and knees.
  • Hyperhidrosis

Advantages and application:

Infini is a unique state-of-the-art technology which totally controls the depth and energy levels to provide highly customized treatment to each patient. It is a truly fractional treatment with high intensity RF energy dissipated through microneedles to ensure safety, thus minimizing any risk of complications. Short application time, as complete face treatment takes about half an hour. In addition, ComfortFlow patented technology ensures a comfortable treatment requiring just the application of topical anesthetic gel 30 minutes before treatment. Another important advantage of this technology is that it creates thousands microchannels in the skin for the diffusion of growth factors or other minerals.

Results and recovery:

Infini results are visible 2 weeks later, while maximized effect comes 6 weeks after treatment. However, what makes Infini the ideal choice are the permanent results. Recovery time is significantly shorter than in other face treatments due to the targeted intradermal energy distribution which minimizes thermal damage of the skin.

Infini technology is safe and effective for all skin types and treatment can be performed all year round even on sun tanned skin.