Botox and Dysport are FDA-approved neurotoxins that temporarily reduce facial lines and wrinkles when applied by a specialist.
They are both safe and effective and, by encouraging the muscles to relax, they can have a remarkable natural effect on smoothing the face and make it look younger.
Neurotoxins are mainly used to treat wrinkles between the brows (the “Elevens”), crow’s feet around the eyes and horizontal forehead creases, as well as perioral lines around the lips. Generally, 4-6 month effect.

Ideal candidates for Botox and Dysport are patients who want to:

  • eliminate the angry look due to wrinkles between the brows
  • reduce forehead creases
  • improve the area around the eyes
  • correct face asymmetries
  • temporarily eliminate hyperhidrosis


Neurotoxin infusion is an outpatient procedure performed in the consulting room, of 15-30 minutes each. Results are visible within 4-14 days with a 4-6 month effect for facial treatments and 6-12 month for hyperhidrosis treatments.
All treatments are performed by the physician following the patient’s detailed medical history and facial analysis.